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Proquis Enterprise is a collection of applications. These applications include..

Customer Care.  This provides the commonly required CRM-type features of names, addresses, contact lists, correspondence records, reminders, quotes and orders, plus a full complaint and service call management system (CMS).  The CMS provides details against each customer of all problems logged, actions taken (both internal and by suppliers), products returned, problem-related correspondence and analysis of the problem by reason, cause and product/service.

Document Management.  This is a repository for all your documentation.  That may be procedures, manuals, sales documents, specifications, drawings, plans… you name it, and Proquis Enterprise can manage it for you.  Against each document, the system holds details about authors/approvers and others on a distribution list, including distribution to customers/suppliers.  Proquis Enterprise then helps you with document change control and authorization and can even maintain copies of superseded documents.  Before requesting formal authorization, you can request feedback/comments.  These details are stored for future reference.  User requests for document change are also managed, sending emails to notify owners and approvers when changes are requested, with the ability to record decision on the change request and when it is implemented.  For additional security, live released documents can be auto-converted to Adobe PDF format too.  Temporary document changes can be made with automatic timed reverting to original format, or you can get changes authorized and then delay the release to a specified date.  When releasing new documents, you can define some simple questions to be answered by those being notified in order to check that they have read and understood the changes.  To help with the connection to audit, you can assign risk criticality to your documents which can then drive the audit frequency required.

Personnel Management.  In Proquis Enterprise the personnel details provide a dual function.  First the people are Proquis Enterprise users, with access rights and responsibilities.  Second, Proquis Enterprise lets you maintain details of duties, skills, training and other personnel-related issues, like absence, disciplinary and grievances holidays and so on.  You can define reporting structures here too.  You can also plan training courses/events covering multiple skills and record their effectiveness.  You can even define questionnaires/examinations for the training event attendees and the trainer can review/mark these once they are completed.

Process Management.  This module allows you to define the details of your processes.  This includes description and objectives of each process, plus a list of related processes (inputs, outputs and sub-processes), list of related documentation (linked to the Document Control module), and a list of related Requirements References.  Processes defined here can then be cross-referenced in your audit program (in the Audit Management module) to ensure that you have proper coverage of your processes.

Audit Management.  With its roots in quality management, Proquis Enterprise has a strong auditing application that lets you plan your audits as well as recording the results/answers to questions, attach evidence documents and non-compliances or problems found, with required actions.  These audits could be of almost any type – quality audits, environmental audits, health & safety audits, or just general reviews – and they may be internal or audits of suppliers.  Proquis Enterprise provides an Audit Planner system for advance scheduling of your audit program.  This lets you outline the audit program and to check resource requirements before committing to formal planned audits.  For added security there is an option to make particular audits editable only to the audit team (and those involved in the issues/NC’s found).  You can define a tree of standards or regulatory requirements and associate these with your audits.  Proquis Enterprise can then monitor your audit progress against complete coverage of the standards.  The same can also be done with coverage of your documented system (integrated to the Document Control module) and Processes (defined in the Process module).  When completing audits you can complete questionnaires and provide scoring.  If scoring is used, Proquis Enterprise provides instant summaries and charts of these results.  To-do lists give you reminders of audits waiting final planning, audits due, audits waiting closure, non-compliances/issues due and waiting closure etc.

Management Review.  To ensure continued effectiveness of your systems, Proquis Enterprise provides the Management Review module.  This not only lets you plan and record details of your management meetings, with meeting minutes and investigations, it allows you to raise and monitor corrective/preventive and improvement actions too.  In addition, you can set targets for your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and monitor these monthly via the KPI dashboard.  KPI’s can be viewed globally or for your specific Organization area.

Supplier Control.  The management of your vendors and suppliers can be a vital element in ensuring that you meet the needs of your customers.  Proquis Enterprise Supplier Control provides the facilities you need to manage your supplier relationships.  Many of the basic features that are present in Customer Care, such as names & addresses, contacts and correspondence, are also available here, plus the ability to plan and record your supplier evaluations (requires the Audit Management module) and performance monitoring, and the tracking of any supplier problems and actions.

Health & Safety.  Extending the features of Proquis Enterprise is the Health and Safety module.  This provides the Accident Log for recording of any accidents, dangerous occurrences or incidents and ensures that these are investigated and reported correctly.  In addition, with links to the Issues and Actions module for problem resolution and analysis, this area helps you ensure that recurrence is prevented.  This is built on the requirements of RIDDOR in the UK and OSHA in USA, and is applicable for most statutory or regulatory reporting.

Issues and Actions.  Recording, monitoring and analyzing your problems/findings and actions (CA/PA) is all completed in the Issues & Actions module.  This is the centre for all problem resolution management within your operating systems.  Wherever the problems are initially recorded (via Customer Care/Complaints Supplier Control/Actions, Audit Management/Non-compliances, etc.), these are ALL visible within this module.  As such, it provides a superb centre for the monitoring and analysis of all “issues” that occur within the organization.  The system even allows you to define notification rules based on the type and severity of the problem, thus ensuring that all the right people are informed of problems as they happen.  These issues could easily be improvement actions as well as the corrective and preventive ones.  Formal sign-off on Issues can also be enabled, requiring selected members of the Issue Team to approve before an issue is finally closed.  This sign-off process can be selected on individual issues and/or can be driven by the notification rules.  Operations, Quality and Systems Managers will appreciate the ability to see the big picture.

Equipment.  Controls your equipment for calibration and planned maintenance.  Proquis Enterprise is a true asset manager.  You can store details of serial numbers, supplier, date purchased, and even current depreciated value.  More importantly, you can define what checks (either calibration or maintenance) are required, how often, the procedure document to be followed and the tools and spares required.  Proquis Enterprise will warn you when checks are due and can produce a forward plan too.  For more detailed calibrations, you can set up the parameters and measures to be checked, including the tolerances and so on.  Proquis Enterprise will then automatically maintain a history of the checks as you complete them.  For the “un-planned” maintenance tasks, Proquis Enterprise offers Equipment Maintenance Request (EMR) – a maintenance request system that includes approval for jobs, and associated actions, supplier quotes and so on.  There is even facility to complete Repeatability & Reproducibility (Gauge R&R) studies using the average and mean method.

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