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Portainer Node License, Compute Node <32 CPU, Development Use Only


This license is a development-only license, intended for non-production environments. It’s designed for developers, testers, and QA teams who need to deploy and manage containerized applications in a development setting. Key Features:

  1. Compute Node Limitation: This license is restricted to compute nodes with less than 32 CPU cores, making it suitable for smaller development environments.
  2. Development Use Only: As stated, this license is only for development purposes and should not be used in production environments.
  3. Centralized Management: You can still manage multiple Docker Swarm or Kubernetes clusters from a single interface, making it easier to optimize your development workflow.
  4. Container Management: The license includes features for container management, such as container deployment, scaling, and monitoring.
  5. Template-based Deployment: You can use templates to simplify container deployment and make it more efficient.
  6. Resource Management: The license provides resource management features, including CPU and memory allocation, to help you optimize your development environment.
  7. Security: While this is a development-only license, it still includes basic security features, such as authentication and authorization, to ensure your development environment is secure.