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Plaxis 2D Suite


Plaxis 2D Suite is a geotechnical software package that provides advanced 2D analysis capabilities for soil and rock mechanics, foundation design, and tunneling.

Key Features:

  • 2D Finite Element Analysis: Performs 2D finite element analysis for soil and rock mechanics, including stress analysis, deformation analysis, and stability analysis.
  • Soil Modeling: Offers advanced soil modeling capabilities, including elasto-plastic soil models and creep models.
  • Foundation Design: Enables design of shallow and deep foundations, including footings, piles, and caissons.
  • Tunneling Analysis: Performs analysis of tunneling projects, including tunnel stability, deformation, and stress analysis.
  • Graphical User Interface: Features an intuitive graphical user interface for easy model creation, analysis, and result visualization.
  • Integration with Other Plaxis Products: Integrates with other Plaxis products, including Plaxis 3D Suite and Plaxis Monopile Designer