Password Reset Server



a secure, automated,
password reset tool for your employees

Password Reset Server

for Active Directory and Office 365 accounts

Why do IT Admins and IT Security Pros love using our self-service Password Reset tool?

·         It’s the fastest to deploy

·         It’s the easiest to use

·         It’s automated and secure at a competitive price

IT admins and security teams can enforce custom end-user password security policies, permit users to update their AD attributes such as address and phone numbers, and securely reset their Active Directory and Office 365 passwords through the self-service portal.

Simply Secure

Password Reset Server enforces stronger and more secure end-user password controls. Plus, our password reset software meets Section 508 compliance standards.


Password Reset Server frees up your IT help desk staff from time-consuming and inefficient processes, and gets employees back to work.

Easy to Use

Implementing a self-service tool for end-user password resetting only improves your organization’s efficiency if it’s well adopted by users—and all our tools are!

Fully Supported

Our reliable, USA-based support sets us apart from every other self-service password reset tool, but doesn’t cost you more.



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