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OutsideView Desktop 9.0


OutsideView Desktop 9.0 is a powerful terminal emulator software developed by Crystal Point, Inc. This software is designed to enhance workspace efficiency and offers a range of features to improve user productivity:


  • OutsideView Desktop 9.0 is a comprehensive host connectivity suite intended for individual users.
  • It provides powerful administrative and deployment tools to manage host connectivity software over a network.
  • This version introduces additional flexibility, power, and convenience to an already feature-rich offering.

Key Features:

  • Synchronized Session Bar with Tabbed Window Display and Smart Docking for efficient workspace management.
  • Multiple Tabbed Groups allow users to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Session Activation Control for precise session management.
  • Enhanced Session Bar Color Coding provides visual status identification.
  • Identity Management and Session Cloning for seamless workflow.
  • Session Bar Filtering to focus on relevant information