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OptiTex 3D Package

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OptiTex 3D Package! This is a comprehensive 3D design and visualization solution for the textile and fashion industries. Here’s a breakdown of the components included in the package: 360 Image Creator: This tool allows users to create 360-degree product views, enabling customers to interact with products online and see them from all angles. This feature is perfect for e-commerce platforms and online product showcases.

3D Animation: The 3D animation module enables users to create animations of 3D models, showcasing products in motion. This feature is ideal for marketing campaigns, product demonstrations, and social media content.

3D Export: The 3D export feature allows users to export 3D models in various formats, making it easy to share designs with other teams, suppliers, or manufacturers.

3D Import: The 3D import feature enables users to import 3D models from other sources, such as CAD software or 3D modeling tools, into the OptiTex 3D environment.

Parametric Mannequin: The parametric mannequin is a customizable 3D model of the human body, allowing users to create accurate fit simulations and visualize garment designs on a virtual model.

3D Rendering: The 3D rendering feature enables users to generate high-quality, photo-realistic images of 3D models, perfect for product visualization, marketing materials, and online product showcases.



  • Enhanced Visualization: The OptiTex 3D Package provides a comprehensive 3D design and visualization solution, enabling users to showcase products in a more engaging and interactive way.
  • Improved Design Efficiency: The package’s parametric mannequin and 3D rendering features streamline the design process, reducing the need for physical prototypes and improving fit accuracy.
  • Cost Savings: By reducing the need for physical prototypes and sample making, the OptiTex 3D Package can help businesses save time and resources
  • Competitive Advantage: The package’s advanced 3D visualization capabilities can help businesses stand out in a competitive market, providing a unique selling proposition and enhancing customer engagement