OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition




Stay compliant

The architecture of OpenFusion RTOrb Ada is based on international standards. OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition is built on a product core that has been tried and tested in demanding applications in both the military and commercial sectors.


Real-time ORB

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition’s core design and algorithms are common to all OpenFusion real-time ORBs. Its architecture supports a fully capable, enterprise level ORB. This is rare in real-time ORBs, and more so in ones written in Ada. As a result, OpenFusion RTOrb Ada is uniquely positioned to provide a single solution for different needs and uses, supporting both real-time and business applications in a single ORB.


Memory-safe implementation

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada supports multiple ADA platforms. It also has support for CORBA 3.0 including:

  • IDL to Ada95 compiler
  • Full GIOP 1.2 support
  • POA, and RT-POA for real-time variant
  • Support for Objects By Value
  • CORBA Messaging – AMI and QoS Control (quality of service)
  • Corbaloc and corbaname URL support
  • Interface Repository
  • Implementation Repository


Custom transport protocols

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada supports:

  • MIOP (Multicast Inter ORB Protocol)
  • SHMIOP (Shared Memory)


Fully supported services

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada supports custom transport protocols, including:

  • MIOP (Multicast Inter ORB Protocol)
  • SHMIOP (Shared Memory)


Additional tools to streamline performance

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada includes:

  • Debug utility to display the contents of requests and replies
  • 64-bit integer support on all supported platforms
  • Designed for high performance
  • Supporting Ada CORBA Services (COS) – Naming Service and Event Service which are bundled with the ORB, and Notification which is an optional Service
  • Support for CORBA Real-time Specification, providing predictable behavior and real-time QoS end-to-end


Advantages of the Ada Edition

Additional tools and support

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada includes CORBA 3.0 ORB and RT CORBA v1.2 support. You can also add the CORBA Object Services – bundled Naming Service and Event Service.

Full interoperability

Ada Language bindings are based on the OMG’s IDL to Ada Language Mapping specification. It includes full POA implementation, multithreaded support, ultra-fast ANYs, and ORB interoperability – including OpenFusion RTORB Java Edition, TAO, and JacORB.

More messaging

Ada includes CORBA Messaging implementation, which includes request Timeout, SyncScope and Rebind Policies, and full AMI (Poll/Async).



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