ntouch Features



Keyboard Shortcuts

Discover the tricks that make using a Bluetooth keyboard with your ntouch VP2 a lot more fun!

Other Great Features

  1. Sorenson myPhone
  2. Yelp Number Search
  3. Hide My Caller ID
  4. Screensavers
  5. Share Text/Location/Contact
  6. Internet Dial
  7. N11 Dialing
  8. VRS Announce
  9. Call Waiting
  10. Spanish VRS Contacts
  11. Call Transfer
  12. Group Call
  13. Don’t Accept Anonymous Calls
  14. Personal SignMail Greeting
  15. Contact Photos
  16. Push Notifications
  17. Video Center
  18. Voice Carry Over
  19. SignMail
  20. myRumble


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