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Managed Service Providers for Business IT

Businesses of every size need IT support. Whether there are trained professionals on staff or a small group of technology-minded employees brought in to mind the IT, most business’s IT is not covered by their area of expertise. While it is tempting to keep everything internal, modern cloud, mobile, and IoT computing make the need for properly managed IT essential to businesses of any size.

Because businesses don’t have the resources to build a dedicated IT support team, they often resort to pulling in people whose expertise is actually website design, engineering, or coding. While these individuals have the latent ability to handle IT, they’re rarely trained, equipped, or have enough experience to do the job well.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

This is where NexusTek’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) plans can help businesses of all sizes. Rather than using time, energy, and resources to build an internal IT management team, an MSP will provide the experienced IT support and management with their own resources.

An MSP plan takes the experience, technology, and training of expert IT management teams and makes it available to businesses of all sizes.

Managed Service Plans: ESSENTIAL

No one likes to pay for things they don’t need. We understand that. Our Essential Managed Service Provider Plan allows you to pick the support services you want us to manage, while also providing other core managed services automatically. Keep the duties you want in-house, and let us boost your productivity by taking on the rest.

Develop Core Strategies

Like all our service plans, Essential clients have full access to our proactive planning, consulting and reporting services to help create a core IT strategy that will carry your business through for years to come. Our expert team will perform a baseline strategic IT assessment and quarterly business review that includes health score and metrics analysis. We will take all that data and create a business road map that aligns with your IT strategies. We will manage your IT asset tracking, licensing and subscriptions, warranties, domain names, your password database, and all those important things that waste precious in-house IT resources.

Proactive Security and Monitoring

Identifying threats quickly is key to mitigating security risks. Our proactive security approach includes providing Essential Plan clients with managed anti-virus and anti-malware, vulnerability scanning, as well as patching for Windows OS, Microsoft App, third-party support app and endpoint security. In addition, Essential clients get 24/7/365 monitoring that includes Windows servers, PCs and virtual desktops, firewalls, switching, storage areas, cloud platforms and hypervisors, backup systems, and other mission-critical hardware.

Pick Your Level of Support

NexusTek offers full-service support. You pick how much or how little support you need, both remote and onsite. Optional services include; unlimited help desk, emergency on-site response, access to a dedicated engineer, as well as support for user adds, removes and changes, user applications, server applications, backup restores and remediation of monitoring alerts.

Create the technology foundation your business needs to grow with an Essential Managed Service Provider Plan.

Managed Service Plan Features

Proactive Planning, Consulting and Reporting ServicesESSENTIALREMOTEDEDICATEDCOMPLETE
Baseline Strategic IT Assessment
Quarterly Business Review with Health Score & Metrics Analysis
Business IT Alignment and Roadmap
Unlimited Live Help DeskADD-ONADD-ON
Unlimited Emergency On-site ResponseADD-ONADD-ON
Access to Microsoft Top Tier SupportADD-ON
Scheduled Dedicated Engineer (On-site or Remote)ADD-ONADD-ON
Support for User Adds, Removes and ChangesADD-ON
Support for User Applications and HardwareADD-ON
Support for Data Restore from BackupADD-ON
24x7x365 Proactive Cyber Security ServicesESSENTIALREMOTEDEDICATEDCOMPLETE
Advanced Endpoint Security Software (Win/Mac)
Managed Ransomware, Phishing and Malware Protection
Managed Endpoint Zero-day Threat Protection
World-wide Threat Intelligence AI Network Integration
Automated Malware Remediation
Managed Vulnerability Scanning
Managed Windows OS Patching
Managed Microsoft App Patching
Managed 3rd Party Application Patching
24x7x365 Proactive System Monitoring ServicesESSENTIALREMOTEDEDICATEDCOMPLETE
24x7x365 Monitoring, Alerting and Maintenance of Critical Infrastructure Including:
Unlimited Upkeep Maintenance
Windows Servers, Physical and Virtual
PCs and Virtual Desktops
Supported Firewalls, Physical and Virtual
Supported Switching
Supported Storage Area Network Hardware
Supported Cloud Platforms and Hypervisors
Supported Backup Systems
Supported UPS Systems
Monitoring of Supported Mission-Critical Network Hardware
IT Inventory Management and Tracking ServicesESSENTIALREMOTEDEDICATEDCOMPLETE
Managed IT Asset Tracking
Managed Software Licensing and Subscription Tracking
Managed Hardware Warranty Tracking
Managed Domain Name Services
Managed Secure Password Database

✔ = Included in package    ADD-ON = Usage-based charges may apply


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