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Integration to the tools you own

Aegis integrates tightly with our other products. Yet, it is also vendor independent and has adapters to popular tools from vendors such as BMC, VMware, HP, Microsoft, EMC and others.


User and knowledge administration

Set up detailed role-based security (capable of leveraging Active Directory). Then build, import or export your processes through a wizard-based GUI.


Drag-and drop workflow designer

Simply drag and drop pre-defined activities from the supplied activity libraries. You can also define and modify complex logic by selecting from drop-down lists.


Job scheduler

The Job Scheduler runs business or database jobs, replacing costly tools. Schedule the creation of work items on either a one-time or recurring schedule.


Enterprise-ready process management

With Aegis, you can easily manage the lifecycle of your processes – place processes into production, clone processes to make revisions, or roll back to previous versions.


Embedded correlation engine

The embedded correlation engine gathers events from multiple tool sources and correlates them to eliminate sympathetic process triggers. It also improves scalability by reducing the number of processes started.


Real-time process monitoring

Check the real-time progress of your production workflows with a modern, web-based interface that updates automatically.


Continuous improvement reporting

You can customize the out-of-the-box report templates to benchmark performance and identify process improvement candidates.


Aegis Adapter for AppManager

  • Take full advantage of the rich functionality available in AppManager.
  • Immediately automate mundane, repetitive aspects of IT operations while providing the foundation for aggregating those tasks.


Functionality for AppManager users

  • Correlate Events: Combine known sympathetic events into a single re-prioritized event with supporting details
  • Resolve Events Automatically: Leverage AppManager’s job capability to perform complex management tasks
  • Connect with Other Tools: Enables ticket auto-population and closure, examine event-causing changes, etc.


Automated processes with Aegis and AppManager

  • Manage disk space automatically on distributed servers with pre-determined archival or deletion.
  • Reboot servers to deal with memory leaks while maintaining control of the order of reboots and ensuring that services are correctly running.
  • Suppress events during change windows using the AppManager Maintenance Mode and integration with change approvals (RFCs) in other tools.
  • Update your CMDB by pushing configuration information collected by AppManager into the CMDB on a routine basis or as changes are detected.


Aegis Adapter for Directory and Resource Administrator

The Aegis Adapter for Directory and Resource Administrator reduces the workload and risk inherent in managing Microsoft Active Directory by empowering business self-service through integration with your Directory and Resource Administrator implementation.


Improve productivity with Aegis and Directory and Resource Administrator

Process automation allows you to drive faster and more accurate results, while applying a much-needed layer of security to your Active Directory implementation – without requiring more resources.


Automating processes for maximum efficiency

Aegis gives you the ability to immediately automate mundane, repetitive aspects of IT operations, while providing the foundation for aggregating those tasks to achieve the larger goal of automating processes.


Aegis general adapters

Aegis includes a number of general adapters that can be used to integrate with practically anything. General adapter facilities include: web services, XML, file transfers, command line interface, database connections, email and even direct Graphical User Interface (GUI) interactions.


Aegis Adapter for Databases

The Aegis Adapter for Databases allows Aegis to communicate with any Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or 2005 database.


Aegis Adapter for Microsoft Exchange

The Aegis Adapter for Microsoft Exchange allows Aegis to send and receive email via a MAPI profile to:

  • Receive email and initiate processes. Email in text, rich text or HTML format is received and interpreted, supplying information to working processes (work items) or initiates a new work item. Attachments can also be received and interpreted.
  • Send email notifications as part of process. Email can include attachments.


VMware vCenter server

Control virtual machine and snapshot deployments to ensure efficient resource usage, with the sophistication to manage the complex approval, integration and custom workflow requirements that enterprises need.



Automate event management with AppManager and Aegis to provide the most direct path to greater operational efficiency and deliver a rapid return on investment.


Directory and Resource Administrator

Reduce the workload and risk inherent in managing Microsoft Active Directory by empowering business self-service through integration with your Directory and Resource Administrator implementation.


Secure Configuration Manager

Automate the processes for assessing the configuration of systems, reporting on the results and enforcing compliance standards. Streamline compliance, automate remediation and enforce policy and security configuration best practices.



Automate security processes to respond to events in real-time, with a reduced need for labor-intensive manual intervention.


Automated processes with Secure Configuration Manager and Aegis

  • Closed-loop exception management to ensure full and appropriate segregation of duties, and complete documentation of the exception management process.
  • Integration with security event management to generate up-to-date configuration and change reports to support correlation and forensic analysis.
  • Escalating unmanaged changes to security analysis teams to ensure protection of critical hosts.


Aegis Adapter for Sentinel

By defining processes that respond to insider attacks, threats to customer data, or even unauthorized changes to critical business systems, Aegis enables Sentinel users to operationalize security, reduce costs and improve event response time.


Automated processes with Sentinel and Aegis

A few examples of automated Security Information and Event Management processes include:

  • Automatic resolution or escalation of security events such as password resets or privilege changes.
  • Rapid and targeted escalation of monitoring for privileged user activity associated with insider threats.


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