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Microsoft Visio Plan 1

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Microsoft Visio Plan 1 that is available through the Open Faculty program. This licensing option is designed for educational institutions and faculty members who need access to Visio for creating diagrams, flowcharts, and other visualizations.

Key features of Visio Plan 1 include:

  1. Access to Visio Online: Visio Plan 1 provides access to Visio Online, a web-based version of Visio that allows users to create, edit, and share diagrams from any device with an internet connection.
  2. Basic Diagramming Tools: Visio Plan 1 includes a range of basic diagramming tools that allow users to create a variety of diagrams, including flowcharts, organizational charts, and process diagrams.
  3. Collaboration Features: Visio Plan 1 includes features that facilitate collaboration, such as real-time co-authoring and the ability to comment on diagrams.
  4. Integration with Office 365: Visio Plan 1 integrates with other Office 365 applications, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, allowing users to easily insert diagrams into their documents and presentations.
  5. Templates and Shapes: Visio Plan 1 includes a range of templates and shapes that allow users to quickly create professional-looking diagrams.

Overall, VisioPlan1OpenFaculty ShrdSvr ALNG SubsVL provides educational institutions and faculty members with a cost-effective way to access Visio for their diagramming needs