Merlin Project


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Product Details

Merlin Project is a popular project management software designed for Mac and Apple iOS devices. Deployed by thousands of users operating in various industries, Merlin Project is the choice for many professionals as it is very intuitive, straightforward, and doesn’t give users a hard time to learn and operate the system. The expansion possibilities Merlin Project offers are virtually limitless.


Merlin Project Features

  • Kanban (agile pm)
  • Gantt (traditional pm)
  • Hybrid pm (agile and traditional)
  • Resource pools
  • Groupings
  • Styles
  • Mind maps
  • Utilization
  • Activities and Milestones
  • Time Planning
  • Cost Management
  • Library
  • Net Plan
  • Mind Map
  • Organizational Chart
  • Resource and Personnel Management
  • Assignments
  • Modular Structure Reporting
  • Assorted Charts
  • Attachments



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