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We may be able to recover your corrupt InDesign or QuarkXPress files

Markzware provides a DTP (Desktop Publishing) file recovery service for bad or corrupt Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress files. You might receive an indication that your file is corrupt, when you see an error message, such as

How do I begin the File Recovery Process?

Follow the 5 easy steps below.


Step 1

Agree to and pay the non-refundable In-Take Fee.

The In-Take Fee of 49 is a non-refundable fee to analyze the file for recovery. If your bad file is fixed, you will get a preview of the fixed file. You understand that an additional payment is required, as stated below, for Fixed Files. Thus you agree to pay the non-refundable In-Take Fee plus the Fixed File Fee if the file is fixable.

Step 2

Submit the bad file.

After paying the In-Take Fee you will receive an email to the submission form. Include as many details as possible on that form and upload the bad file, linked images and fonts are not required.

Step 3

Wait for a response from us containing the results of the Recovery.

Generally within a few business hours you will receive an email from us explaining the results of the recovery. If recovered, which works about 70% of the time, the email will contain a PDF file previewing what could be recovered.

If you are happy with the recovery results, and wish to continue, you can move to Step 4.

Step 4

Pay the additional Fixed File Fee.

The email received in Step 3 will contain a link to pay the Fixed File Fee. If you are happy with the recovery results use the link to make the payment.

File Size Price
500-1000 MB 199
201-500 MB 149
101-200 MB 129
0-100 MB 99

Step 5

Download the Fixed File.

After paying the Fixed File Fee you will receive an email from us containing a link to download the recovered file. Download the recovered file then sit back and relax, having saved countless hours of rework!




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