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Budget Controller is a financial planning tool for Microsoft Excel designed to help managers forecast the future profitability of their businesses. It uses business modelling techniques to quickly simulate future profit, cash-flow, and other key financial ratios. This budgeting software package enables managers, with or without financial knowledge to create business plans and do “what-if” simulations and sensitivity analysis to help them understand the impact of their decisions on their businesses.


Our budgeting software speeds up the budgeting and financial planning process and is an ideal tool for managers of organisations of all sizes in both the manufacturing and service sectors. It can be used as a flexible front end to more complex database budgeting software and group consolidation programs, allowing managers to get a comprehensive overview of their financial performance at a strategic level.


Product Features

  • Familiar and intuitive Excel interface.
  • Context sensitive help text. Comprehensive user guide.
  • Validation rules check for data consistency.
  • Fiscal year can start in any month.
  • Forecast can start in any month. Maximum of 6 years can be forecast in one file. No limit if multiple files are used.
  • Forecasts can be based on years, quarters, months and weeks.
  • Maximum of 10 user defined revenue streams can be forecast in one file. No limit if multiple files are used.
  • Within each cost category, 10 user defined costs can be created.
  • Costs can be split between fixed and variable for contribution and breakeven analysis.
  • Seasonal sales indexes can be created for distributing monthly sales.
  • Includes utilities to speed up data entry.
  • Views are collapsible for yearly and quarterly summaries.
  • Drill down facilities allows user to defined the level of detail on screen views and in hardcopy reports.
  • What-if scenarios and simulations can be performed without loosing your original data.
  • Production schedules can be created to forecast inventory levels.
  • The collection of receivables and payment of purchases can be scheduled for more accurate cash-flow forecasting.
  • Allows for capital investment planning with flexible payments schedules and automatic depreciation based on user defined rates.
  • Includes comprehensive financial planning tools for treasury and cash management, including automatic and manual lines of credit and investment calculations.
  • Calculates income tax based on user defined rules.
  • Allows for the creation of provisions that don’t effect cash-flow.
  • Cost of sales and contribution reports at product level in value and percentage of sales.
  • Income statement in value and percentage of sales.
  • Balance Sheets that automatically remain balanced.
  • Cash-flow statement and reconciliation of changes in liquid funds.
  • Link to other Excel files to create your own layouts for Income, Balance Sheet and Cash-flow statements.
  • Key ratios include Altman’s Z score model for forecast financial distress.
  • Graphs illustrate trends in Sales, Net Income and Cash Flow.
  • The Database Utility allows forecasts to be downloaded to Microsoft Access for integration with database applications.
  • Sales, purchasing and cost databases allow for extensive commenting on the underlying forecast assumptions. Comments and notes can be printed with their respective revenue or cost category and monthly value.
  • Multi-lingual support.




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