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Maltego Classic


Maltego Classic is a network reconnaissance and forensics tool that provides a comprehensive platform for gathering information about networks, systems, and organizations. Key Features:

  1. Network Reconnaissance: Maltego Classic provides features for network reconnaissance, including network mapping, port scanning, and OS detection.
  2. Entity Profiling: The tool creates detailed profiles of entities, including people, organizations, and networks, to help identify relationships and connections.
  3. Visualization: Maltego Classic includes a powerful visualization engine that enables users to create interactive graphs and charts to represent complex data.
  4. Transformation: The tool includes a range of transformations that enable users to manipulate and analyze data, including DNS lookups, Whois lookups, and more.
  5. Integration: Maltego Classic integrates with popular security tools and platforms, including Nessus, OpenVAS, and Splunk.


  1. Comprehensive Reconnaissance: Maltego Classic provides a comprehensive platform for network reconnaissance, enabling users to gather detailed information about networks and systems.
  2. Improved Threat Intelligence: The tool’s entity profiling and visualization features enable users to identify relationships and connections between entities, improving threat intelligence and incident response.
  3. Automated Analysis: Maltego Classic’s transformation features enable users to automate data analysis, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  4. Customizable: The tool is highly customizable, enabling users to create custom transforms and entities to meet their specific needs