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License Firewall SSL VPN Firewall Sonicwall


SonicWall offers a range of firewall and SSL VPN solutions for securing networks and remote access. The licensing for SonicWall firewalls and SSL VPNs typically involves purchasing a hardware appliance and then selecting the appropriate licensing for the features and capacity needed. Here’s an overview of the licensing options:

Firewall Licensing: SonicWall firewalls often require licensing for features such as intrusion prevention/detection, content filtering, and antivirus/anti-malware. These licenses are typically annual subscriptions that need to be renewed to continue receiving updates and support.

SSL VPN Licensing: For SSL VPN functionality, SonicWall offers licenses based on the number of concurrent users or sessions that can be supported. These licenses are also typically annual subscriptions.

TotalSecure Bundle: SonicWall also offers TotalSecure bundles that include both the hardware appliance and all necessary licenses for a certain period. These bundles often provide cost savings compared to purchasing hardware and licenses separately.

Global VPN Client Licenses: If you’re using SonicWall’s Global VPN Client for remote access, you may need licenses for each client device that connects to the VPN.

Support and Maintenance: In addition to licensing, SonicWall offers support and maintenance agreements that provide access to technical support and software updates.

It’s important to check with SonicWall or a SonicWall reseller for the specific licensing options and requirements for the firewall and SSL VPN solution you are interested in, as licensing details can vary based on the product model and features