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Product Details

LeadLander provides a range of marketing campaign data and analysis tools to give you a better understanding of user behavior on your site, and to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. LeadLander measures user behavior derived from four key marketing channels: search, email, contact forms and Google AdWords. The marketing application helps you to identify the characteristics of traffic coming to your site, such as company information, along with providing real-time customer activity reports and historical user data.


LeadLander Feature

  • Website visitor identification
  • Online form tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Google AdWord metrics
  • Lead territory filtering
  • On-page user behavior analysis
  • LinkedIn and jigsaw contacts
  • Search term identification
  • Salesforce.com integration
  • 3rd party contact form integrations
  • Real-time customer activity
  • 3rd party marketing automation integrations
  • Daily, weekly & monthly email reports
  • Instant triggered notifications
  • 3rd party email marketing integrations
  • Email campaign analysis


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