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Kofax Power PDF Advanced


Kofax Power PDF Advanced is an advanced version of the Power PDF software developed by Kofax. It offers additional features and capabilities compared to the standard version of Power PDF. Here are some key features of Kofax Power PDF Advanced:

  1. Advanced Editing Tools: Power PDF Advanced includes advanced editing tools, such as advanced text editing, image editing, and page manipulation tools, to provide users with more control over their PDF documents.
  2. Document Comparison: The software offers document comparison tools that allow users to compare two versions of a document and highlight the differences between them.
  3. Redaction: Power PDF Advanced includes redaction tools that allow users to permanently remove sensitive information from PDF documents.
  4. Batch Processing: The software offers batch processing capabilities, allowing users to perform actions, such as converting multiple files to PDF or OCRing multiple documents, in a batch.
  5. Form Recognition and Editing: Power PDF Advanced includes form recognition and editing tools that allow users to convert paper forms into interactive PDF forms and edit existing PDF forms.
  6. Integration: The software integrates with popular document management systems, such as SharePoint and eDOCS, making it easy to access and manage PDF documents from within these systems.
  7. Security Features: Power PDF Advanced offers advanced security features, such as document permissions and digital signatures, to help protect sensitive information in PDF documents.

Overall, Kofax Power PDF Advanced is a comprehensive PDF editing and management software that provides users with advanced tools and capabilities to create, edit, and manage PDF documents efficiently