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JetBrains offers a range of software development tools for various programming languages and platforms. Their “JetBrains Full” package likely refers to a comprehensive suite of their IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) and related tools. Here are some key products that might be included in the “JetBrains Full” package:

  1. IntelliJ IDEA: A powerful IDE for Java development, offering advanced coding assistance, productivity tools, and support for various frameworks and technologies.
  2. PyCharm: An IDE for Python development, featuring intelligent code completion, code inspections, and a variety of tools for web development, scientific computing, and data analysis.
  3. WebStorm: An IDE for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS development, providing advanced coding assistance, navigation, and debugging tools for web development.
  4. PhpStorm: An IDE for PHP development, offering code completion, refactoring, and debugging tools for PHP, HTML, and JavaScript.
  5. RubyMine: An IDE for Ruby and Ruby on Rails development, featuring coding assistance, navigation, and refactoring tools for Ruby developers.
  6. CLion: An IDE for C and C++ development, providing code analysis, refactoring, and debugging tools for C and C++ programmers.
  7. DataGrip: A database IDE for SQL development, offering code completion, database management, and query tools for SQL developers.
  8. Rider: An IDE for .NET development, providing coding assistance, debugging, and refactoring tools for .NET developers using C#, VB.NET, F#, and other languages.
  9. AppCode: An IDE for iOS/macOS development with support for Objective-C, Swift, and C/C++ languages.
  10. GoLand: An IDE for Go development, offering coding assistance, navigation, and debugging tools for Go programmers.

These IDEs are known for their powerful features, user-friendly interface, and support for a wide range of programming languages and technologies, making them popular choices among developers