IT Asset Management


Get the most out of your investment in technology

Are your IT assets over-deployed or under-utilized leading to increased expenses and non-compliance with licensing norms? Usage Stats provides comprehensive insight into the deployment and usage of IT assets in your environment, allowing you to make informed IT decisions.

Stay Compliant

Monitor and maintain details of software publishers, versions, and number of deployments along with licensing information for each software.

Usage Statistics

Manage and track IT assets using detailed reports, dynamic widgets and asset management tools for optimal planning and control.

Insightful Reports

Generate detailed computer and application use reports by user for compliance audits and decision making purpose.

IT Asset Management

Identify the most used assets and reallocate resources appropriately to prioritize purchasing decisions.

Usage Patterns

Identify the power users and allocate IT assets where it is required, as well as identify unused hardware and software across your organization.

Intelligent Reports and Dynamic Widgets

Optimize the utilization of IT assets in your organization by tracking and analyzing their usage. Track computers, software, and users through dynamic widgets and intelligent reports.

IT Asset Usage

Visualize asset usage using a comprehensive dashboard with dynamic widgets visually depicting usage data.

Software Usage

Track when a software product is over-deployed to ensure adherence to licensing agreements.

User Behavior

Understand computer usage patterns to identify the most used assets and reallocate resources appropriately.

Easily manage your technological investments with asset usage visualization

With Deep Freeze Cloud, IT administrators can have total control over your devices from anywhere. Usage information is secure while providing complete visibility into device, software, and user session details. Easily configure policies and groups, as well as quickly view software inventory and usage details.



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