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IrfanView is a popular and versatile image viewer and editor for Windows. It’s known for its small size, fast performance, and wide range of supported file formats.

Key features of IrfanView include:

  1. Image Viewing: IrfanView can open and display images in various formats, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more.
  2. Image Editing: While not as powerful as dedicated image editing software like Photoshop, IrfanView provides basic editing features such as crop, resize, rotate, and adjust colors.
  3. Batch Processing: IrfanView allows you to perform operations on multiple images at once, such as resizing or converting them to a different format.
  4. Plugins: IrfanView supports plugins that extend its functionality, such as additional file format support or effects.
  5. Slideshow: You can use IrfanView to create and view slideshows of your images, with customizable transition effects and timing.
  6. Screen Capture: The software includes a screen capture tool that allows you to capture screenshots of your desktop or specific windows.
  7. Multimedia Support: In addition to images, IrfanView can also play audio and video files, although its capabilities in this area are limited compared to dedicated media players.

Overall, IrfanView is a lightweight and easy-to-use image viewer and editor that is suitable for basic image manipulation tasks and quick viewing of images in various formats