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GoodSync Personal V11


GoodSync Personal V11 is a synchronization tool that safely and securely syncs and backs up your data on multiple devices like desktops, laptops, servers, and external drives. It offers local file transfers and connections to remote servers or devices through FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV.

Key Features:

  • Fast performance and powerful automation for efficient file transfers.
  • Pre-sync analysis to prevent accidental file overwrites by identifying compatibility issues.
  • One-way and two-way syncing, backups, and job scheduling.
  • Safety measures to prevent file duplication or accidental syncs.
  • Quick setup and a redesigned interface with built-in, step-by-step pictorial walkthroughs.
  • Sync Windows mobile smartphones and both 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems.
  • One-account activation and management for all your devices. Access, backup, and sync data from any device or cloud storage account.
  • Light RAM usage, a plus for systems with minimal memory