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GitLab Premium


GitLab Premium is a tier of GitLab’s product offering that provides additional features and support compared to the free Community Edition. Some key features of GitLab Premium include:

  1. Advanced CI/CD: GitLab Premium includes advanced CI/CD capabilities, such as pipeline visualization, job artifacts, and pipeline triggers.
  2. Code Quality: It offers code quality analysis tools, including static code analysis, code linting, and code coverage reports.
  3. Security Scanning: GitLab Premium includes security scanning tools for identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in your code and dependencies.
  4. Portfolio Management: It provides tools for managing portfolios of projects, including epics, roadmaps, and agile planning features.
  5. Instance Level Insights: GitLab Premium includes instance-level analytics and insights for monitoring the performance and usage of your GitLab instance.
  6. 24/7 Premium Support: GitLab Premium includes 24/7 premium support with guaranteed response times and access to GitLab’s support team for assistance with any issues.
  7. Geo-Replication: It offers geo-replication features for distributed teams, allowing for faster access to repositories and improved collaboration.

GitLab Premium is suitable for organizations that require advanced CI/CD, security, and collaboration features, as well as dedicated support