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GeoStudio Max

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GeoStudio is an integrated geotechnical analysis software suite for analyzing slope stability, groundwater flow, heat and mass transfer in soil and rock, and additional geotechnical parameters. It is developed by Seequent, The Bentley Subsurface Company, and offers powerful visualization tools and the ability to combine multiple analyses and geometries in a single project.

Key Modules:

  • SLOPE/W: Soil and rock slope stability analysis, using limit equilibrium theory.
  • SEEP/W and SEEP3D: Finite element analysis of groundwater flow in saturated and unsaturated porous media.
  • SIGMA/W: Stress and deformation analysis of earth and structural materials using finite element methods.
  • QUAKE/W: Finite element analysis of earthquake liquefaction and dynamic loading using geosynthetic finite elements.
  • TEMP/W and TEMP3D: Finite element analysis of heat transfer and phase change in porous media. This includes the ability to simulate environmental and infrastructure-induced temperature changes.
  • AIR/W and AIR3D: Finite element analysis of air transfer in mine waste and other porous media.
  • CTRAN/W and CTRAN3D: Finite element analysis of solute and gas transport in porous media.
  • BUILD3D: A geometry creation tool for defining complex 3D domains