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Flussonic Media Server


Product Details:

  • Developer: Flussonic.
  • Functionality: Video streaming server software for high-load streaming services of any scale, supporting millions of viewers worldwide.
  • Use Cases: Broadcasting TV programs, streaming live events, distance education, telemedicine, video surveillance, and general video broadcasting.
  • Price: Pricing information is not readily available, and it’s recommended to contact the sales team for a quote. A free trial is offered.

Key Features:

  • Video Streaming: Flussonic Media Server delivers video to viewers in over 100 countries, supporting live and on-demand streaming.
  • Compatibility: It works with various cameras, video formats, and streaming protocols like DASH, HLS, RTMP, and MPEG-TS.
  • Multi-Protocol Delivery: Supports live and on-demand multi-bitrate, and multi-language VoD broadcasting.
  • Transcoding: Capable of receiving, storing, transcoding, and delivering video to a range of devices.
  • All-in-One Solution: Flussonic touts itself as an all-in-one solution for streaming services that can be scaled and customized.
  • Stream Failover: It provides options for stream failover, enabling the display of a backup file when the source video is unavailable.
  • Stream Recording: The software includes a built-in stream recording system that can export parts of the archive as MP4 files.
  • Video Archive: Offers unlimited depth of the video archive, flexible caching, and multi-protocol access to the archive.
  • DRM Support: Supports Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems like WideWine, FairPlay, and PlayReady.
  • Authorization: Provides single-point authorization for all protocols and external authorization backend support.
  • Video Surveillance: Supports the addition of a video surveillance system using IP cameras with flexible integration
  • Access and Statistics: Offers stats on traffic and sessions, access to archive via EPG, delayed playback with timeshift, and access to stream statistics via APIs.