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Flir Tools+


Flir Tools+ is a software suite developed by Flir Systems, Inc., a company specializing in thermal imaging and infrared camera technology. Flir Tools+ is designed to work with Flir thermal imaging cameras and provides advanced features for analyzing, editing, and sharing thermal images and videos.

Key Features of Flir Tools+:

Image Analysis: Flir Tools+ allows users to perform detailed analysis of thermal images, including temperature measurements, spot meters, and area measurements.

Image Editing: Users can adjust thermal image settings such as level, span, and color palette to enhance image clarity and detail.

Report Generation: Flir Tools+ includes tools for creating professional thermal imaging reports, complete with images, measurements, and annotations.

Video Editing: Users can edit and analyze thermal videos, including the ability to extract still images from videos.

Advanced Measurement Tools: Flir Tools+ offers advanced measurement tools for more precise analysis, including isotherms, profiles, and histograms.

Image and Video Export: Users can export thermal images and videos in various formats for sharing and further analysis.

Integration: Flir Tools+ integrates with other Flir software and hardware products, allowing for seamless workflow integration.

Compatibility: Flir Tools+ is compatible with a wide range of Flir thermal imaging cameras, ensuring compatibility with existing hardware.

Overall, Flir Tools+ is a comprehensive software suite for professionals working with thermal imaging cameras. It offers a range of advanced features for analyzing, editing, and sharing thermal images and videos, making it a valuable tool for various applications, including building inspections, mechanical inspections, and research