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FileMaker Server 18 Volume License


FileMaker Server 18 Volume License is a software solution developed by Claris International (formerly FileMaker, Inc.) that allows users to host and manage custom apps created with FileMaker Pro Advanced. It is designed for businesses and organizations that need to deploy and manage multiple FileMaker apps across their network.

Key Features of FileMaker Server 18:

Centralized Hosting: FileMaker Server 18 allows users to centrally host and manage their FileMaker apps, making it easier to deploy and update apps across the organization.

Data Sharing: Users can securely share data with other users and devices, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest information.

Security: FileMaker Server 18 includes robust security features, such as encryption, authentication, and privilege settings, to protect data from unauthorized access.

Web Publishing: Users can publish their FileMaker apps to the web, allowing access from web browsers and mobile devices.

Automation: FileMaker Server 18 supports automation scripts, allowing users to automate routine tasks and workflows.

Scalability: FileMaker Server 18 is scalable, allowing users to add more capacity as their needs grow.

Integration: FileMaker Server 18 integrates with other systems and services, making it easy to connect FileMaker apps to existing workflows and processes.

Monitoring and Logging: FileMaker Server 18 includes monitoring and logging tools to help users keep track of app performance and usage.

Overall, FileMaker Server 18 Volume License is designed to provide businesses and organizations with a powerful and scalable solution for hosting and managing their FileMaker apps. It offers a range of features to support collaboration, security, and automation, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes