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ExtAngular Pro


ExtAngular Pro is a commercial UI component library for Angular applications, developed by Sencha. It provides a set of high-quality, customizable components and tools to help developers build modern, responsive web applications with Angular.

Key Features of ExtAngular Pro:

Rich UI Components: ExtAngular Pro offers a wide range of UI components, including grids, forms, charts, trees, and more, to help developers create feature-rich interfaces.

Data Management: Provides powerful data management capabilities, including data binding, sorting, filtering, and grouping, to work with large datasets efficiently.

Theming: Offers robust theming capabilities, allowing developers to easily customize the appearance of their applications to match their brand or design requirements.

Accessibility: ExtAngular Pro is designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that applications are accessible to users with disabilities.

Responsive Design: Provides tools for building responsive web applications that adapt to different screen sizes and devices.

Integration: Can be easily integrated with other Angular libraries and third-party components to extend functionality.

Support and Updates: ExtAngular Pro includes dedicated support and regular updates to ensure that developers have access to the latest features and fixes.

ExtAngular Pro is suitable for developers and organizations looking to build professional Angular applications with a rich user interface and advanced features