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ESET Endpoint Protecton Advanced


ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced is suitable for businesses of all sizes looking for a comprehensive security solution to protect their network and data.

Key Features of ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced:

Endpoint Protection: Provides antivirus and antispyware protection for endpoints, including desktops, laptops, and servers.

Server Protection: Protects servers against malware and unauthorized access, ensuring the security of critical data and applications.

Mobile Security: Secures mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, against threats, including malware and theft.

Firewall: Includes a firewall to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic, protecting against unauthorized access and attacks.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Detects and blocks suspicious network traffic and attacks to prevent data breaches.

Web Control: Blocks access to malicious websites and content to prevent phishing attacks and malware downloads.

Device Control: Allows administrators to control and restrict access to devices such as USB drives and external hard drives.

Data Encryption: Encrypts sensitive data to protect it from unauthorized access and data breaches.

Remote Management: Offers a centralized management console for monitoring and managing security settings across all devices.

Automatic Updates: Ensures that the antivirus definitions and software updates are automatically downloaded and installed to protect against the latest threats.