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ENVI is a software application used for processing and analyzing geospatial imagery. The term “Concurrent Process” in the context of ENVI typically refers to the ability of the software to perform multiple processing tasks simultaneously.

Key Features of ENVI Concurrent Process:

Parallel Processing: Allows ENVI to utilize multiple processor cores or threads to process multiple images or tasks concurrently, reducing processing time.

Efficiency: Increases the efficiency of image processing workflows by enabling users to work on multiple tasks simultaneously.

Resource Management: Manages system resources effectively to ensure that concurrent processing does not overload the system.

Task Queuing: Prioritizes processing tasks and queues them for execution based on user-defined criteria.

Workflow Automation: Enables users to automate complex processing workflows by running multiple tasks concurrently.

ENVI’s Concurrent Process feature is particularly useful for processing large volumes of geospatial imagery or performing complex analysis tasks that require significant computational resources. It helps users save time and improve productivity by allowing them to process multiple tasks simultaneously