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Eneroth Reference Manager – SketchUp Add On



Eneroth Reference Manager is a plugin for SketchUp, a 3D modeling software, developed by Eneroth3. It is designed to help users manage references to other SketchUp models within their projects, making it easier to keep track of and update external references.

Key Features of Eneroth Reference Manager:

Reference Management: Allows users to easily manage references to other SketchUp models in their projects.

Update References: Enables users to update external references to reflect changes made to the referenced SketchUp models.

Organize References: Helps users organize their references and keep track of which models are referenced in their projects.

Efficient Workflow: Streamlines the workflow when working with multiple SketchUp models by providing a convenient way to manage references.

Integration: Seamlessly integrates into SketchUp’s interface, making it easy to access and use.

Compatibility: Compatible with various versions of SketchUp, ensuring compatibility with different projects and workflows.

Overall, Eneroth Reference Manager is a useful tool for SketchUp users who work with multiple models and need to manage external references efficiently.