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EndNote X9


EndNote X9 is a reference management software designed to help researchers, academics, and students organize their references, citations, and bibliographies. It is used to collect, store, and manage references from various sources and insert them into research papers, theses, and other academic documents.

Key Features of EndNote X9:

Reference Collection: Collects references from online sources, library catalogs, and databases.

Reference Organization: Organizes references into libraries and groups for easy access and management.

Citation Insertion: Inserts citations and references into word processing documents (e.g., Microsoft Word) in different citation styles (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago).

Bibliography Creation: Creates bibliographies or reference lists based on the inserted citations.

PDF Annotation: Allows users to annotate PDF files within the software.

Syncing and Sharing: Syncs libraries across multiple devices and allows for sharing of references with collaborators.

Search and Find Full Text: Helps users find and download full-text PDFs for their references.

Compatibility: Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and integrates with popular word processors.

EndNote X9 streamlines the process of managing references and citations, saving time and ensuring accuracy in academic research and writing projects.