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EndNote X9 Full

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EndNote X9 includes the complete EndNote X9 software package along with additional features and services. These additional features and services may vary depending on the specific bundle or package offered by the provider. However, some common components of the full bundle may include:

EndNote X9 Software: The core reference management software that allows users to collect, organize, and manage references, citations, and bibliographies.

Online Syncing and Sharing: Enables users to sync their EndNote libraries across multiple devices and share references with collaborators.

EndNote Online Access: Provides access to EndNote Online, a web-based version of the software that allows for online reference management and collaboration.

Online Search and Find Full Text: Allows users to search for references online and download full-text PDFs directly into their EndNote library.

EndNote for iPad: Provides access to the EndNote app for iPad, allowing users to manage their references on the go.

Technical Support: Some bundles may include technical support services to assist users with software installation, troubleshooting, and usage questions.

Compatibility: EndNote X9 is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and integrates with popular word processors such as Microsoft Word.