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Dropbox Standard


Dropbox Standard is one of the subscription plans offered by Dropbox for individuals and businesses. It provides a set of features suitable for small teams and organizations. Here are some key features of Dropbox Standard:

Storage Space: Dropbox Standard typically offers 2 TB of storage space, allowing users to store and access their files from anywhere.

File Recovery and Version History: Users can recover deleted files and access version history, which allows them to restore previous versions of files.

Offline Access: Users can access their files offline, enabling them to view and edit documents without an internet connection.

Priority Email Support: Dropbox Standard subscribers receive priority email support from Dropbox’s customer service team.

Advanced Sharing Controls: Dropbox Standard includes advanced sharing controls, such as password-protected links and expiration dates for shared links.

Remote Device Wipe: Dropbox Standard includes the ability to remotely wipe Dropbox data from a lost or stolen device to protect sensitive information.

Enhanced Security: While Dropbox Standard does not offer the most advanced security features available in higher-tier plans, it still provides basic security features such as encryption in transit and at rest.

Dropbox Standard is suitable for individuals and small teams that need a reliable cloud storage solution with basic collaboration and security features. It provides a balance of features and affordability for users with moderate storage and collaboration needs