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DraftSight Enterprise Plus Network


DraftSight Enterprise Plus Network is a commercial CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software offered by Dassault Systèmes. It is designed for businesses and organizations that require professional 2D drafting and 3D design capabilities. The “Enterprise Plus Network” edition of DraftSight includes advanced features and networking capabilities to support collaboration and large-scale deployments within an organization.

Key features of DraftSight Enterprise Plus Network may include:

Advanced 2D Drafting: Tools for creating and editing 2D drawings with precision and efficiency.

3D Design: Capability to create, edit, and view 3D models to complement 2D drawings.

Collaboration: Networking features to enable collaboration among multiple users within an organization, including real-time collaboration and document sharing.

Customization: Ability to customize the software with macros, scripts, and add-ons to meet specific design and drafting requirements.

Integration: Integration with other software and systems, such as CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) systems and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions.

Support and Updates: Access to technical support and software updates to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

Deployment Tools: Tools for deploying and managing DraftSight installations across an organization’s network.

DraftSight Enterprise Plus Network is suitable for businesses and organizations that require a professional CAD solution with advanced features, collaboration capabilities, and network deployment options