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DevExpress TestCafe Studio Pro


DevExpress TestCafe Studio Pro is a commercial version of the TestCafe open-source framework, which provides a comprehensive solution for automating web testing. It allows developers and QA engineers to create, run, and maintain automated tests for web applications, ensuring high-quality and reliable testing.

Key Features:

  • Automated Testing: Automates web testing, including functional, regression, and GUI testing.
  • Test Recording: Records user interactions and converts them into test scripts.
  • Test Scripting: Supports JavaScript and TypeScript for test scripting, with features like variables, loops, and conditional statements.
  • Test Debugging: Debugs tests using built-in debugging tools, including breakpoints, variable inspection, and error reporting.
  • Test Running: Runs tests in parallel, with support for multiple browsers and environments.
  • Test Reporting: Generates detailed test reports, including pass/fail rates, error messages, and test execution time.
  • Integration: Integrates with various development tools, including Visual Studio, IntelliJ, and Azure DevOps.
  • Advanced Features: Offers advanced features like test data management, test scheduling, and test analytics