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Deep Freeze Enterprise



Deep Freeze Enterprise is a software solution developed by Faronics that helps organizations manage and secure their computer systems. It is primarily used to protect and preserve the integrity of a computer’s configuration by restoring it to its original state upon each reboot. This can be useful in environments where computers are shared among multiple users or in situations where system changes need to be restricted.

Key features of Deep Freeze Enterprise may include:

System Restoration: Deep Freeze restores the system to a predefined state, known as the “frozen” state, upon each reboot, effectively removing any changes made to the system during the previous session.

Centralized Management: Deep Freeze Enterprise allows administrators to centrally manage and control multiple computers across a network, making it easier to deploy updates and changes.

Security: By restoring the system to a known state, Deep Freeze helps protect against malware, unauthorized software installations, and other security threats.

Compatibility: Deep Freeze is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it versatile for different environments.

ThawSpaces: Deep Freeze allows users to designate areas on the hard drive where changes can be saved permanently, even across reboots, providing flexibility for certain types of data that need to be retained.

Overall, Deep Freeze Enterprise is a valuable tool for organizations looking to maintain the stability and security of their computer systems, particularly in environments where system changes need to be carefully managed