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Datavideo CG-500


The Datavideo CG-500 is a character generator and titling software system designed for live production and broadcast applications. It allows users to create and display professional-looking titles, graphics, and animations in real-time during live broadcasts.

Key Features:

Live Titling: Enables users to create and display titles, lower-thirds, and graphics during live broadcasts.

Graphics Creation: Provides tools for creating and editing graphics and animations.

Template Library: Includes a library of pre-designed templates for quickly creating titles and graphics.

Real-Time Updates: Allows for real-time updates and changes to titles and graphics during live broadcasts.

Integration: Integrates with video switchers, cameras, and other production equipment for seamless integration into live production workflows.

Compatibility: Compatible with Windows operating systems.

Usage: The Datavideo CG-500 is commonly used in live production environments such as television studios, sports arenas, and live event venues to add professional-looking titles and graphics to live broadcasts.