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Professional Waiting Queue Management System for your waiting areas and counters

Communicate With Your Customers While They Wait

Professional queue management software ensures that your customers are helped in the
order they arrived in your waiting area.In addition to displaying the “now serving” number in the queue, you can also display advertising, announcements,
instructions, opening hours and much more

Why CounterPoint?
Take a Number
Simple take-a-number system to streamline your waiting queues
Queue Management
Ensure customers are served in proper order while increasing your staff productivity
Use screen to communicate, show advertising or entertain while still showing queue numbers
CounterPoint can play a sound or give another notification signal to get people’s attention when the counter updates
Works with Windows and PowerPoint

Where Can You Use CounterPoint?

CounterPoint can be used in waiting areas at hospitals, restaurants, bakeries, help desks,
banks and anywhere else people have to wait.CounterPoint is also used anywhere where there are lineups at attractions like
museums, concerts, fairs, conferences and galleries.

Streamline and organize your queue management system for help-desks, hospitals, banks, city halls, museums, shops etc. Let people take a number from the ticker dispenser. Then use a large television screen instead of a silly 2 digit LED box showing the we-serve number. On that television you can show promotions, advertising, information, and instructions at large, next to the waiting queue number.

Everyone who is sitting in the waiting room, is very actively looking at the television screen for the queue management sequence. They will notice every message or advertising that you put on that screen. Sell more to waiting people who are like a ‘sitting duck’ at your waiting room. Generate more sales with this DIY queue management system. Do you have an update? Do you want to add a new promotion? Just open the PowerPoint presentation and make your changes.

Enhance the waiting experience. Play a notification sound whenever the counter changes on the television. That way you can get more people to look up and check their number. Or let CounterPoint announce your number with a warm male voice. 100 audio files are included. Also included are 7 professionally designed waiting queue templates that you can edit and use directly on your television screen.