Seamless translation between SDR and HDR based on Laws of Human Color Perception

  • Pristine Image Quality
    32-bit float, GPU accelerated, 4096 point processing, Image DNA processing engine
  • Dual Image processing Engine
    Completely isolated processing for dynamic range and color spaces
  • Perceptual translation between SDR to HDR
    Seamless translation based on laws of human color perception
  • Designed, Developed and Trusted by leading industry professionals
  • Fast and Parallel workflow
    Let color science do the work for you and enable you to work in HDR and SDR in parallel
  • HDR Simplified
    Most advanced Color Science and image processing on a click of the button

With its unique set of tools and features, Colourlab HDR is going to make SDR and HDR translation effortless. It will allow you to seamlessly work in SDR and HDR in parallel. Colourlab HDR gives you the full creative freedom to focus on the image and its intent as color science has been taken care of. It will remove many unwanted artefacts usually associated with use of traditional tools on HDR images, and it will make your grading technically bullet proof. Quite possibly, Colourlab HDR is going to become the secret weapon you will rely on when it comes to HDR grading.



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