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CivilGeo GeoHECRAS



GeoHECRAS is a software used for hydraulic modeling and 3D visualization in the field of civil engineering, particularly for river and stream analysis. It is developed by CivilGEO, a company specializing in civil engineering software solutions. The “Floating Network License” allows multiple users (up to 20 concurrent users in this case) to access the software from a shared network.

Key Features of GeoHECRAS:

Hydraulic Modeling: GeoHECRAS enables engineers to perform hydraulic modeling for rivers, streams, and other water bodies, helping to analyze and predict flow behavior.

3D Visualization: The software offers 3D visualization capabilities, allowing users to create realistic visualizations of hydraulic models.

Concurrent User Licensing: The Floating Network License allows multiple users to access the software concurrently from a shared network, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness for organizations with multiple users.

1D and 2D Module: GeoHECRAS includes both 1D (one-dimensional) and 2D (two-dimensional) modeling capabilities, allowing for comprehensive hydraulic modeling and analysis.

Cross-Section Design: Engineers can design and analyze cross-sections of rivers and streams, helping to optimize channel geometry and flow characteristics.

Bridge and Culvert Analysis: GeoHECRAS supports the analysis of bridges and culverts within hydraulic models, providing insights into their impact on flow patterns.

GIS Integration: The software can integrate with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), allowing users to incorporate spatial data into their hydraulic models.

Data Import and Export: GeoHECRAS supports the import and export of data in various formats, enabling users to work with data from different sources and software.

Overall, GeoHECRAS is a comprehensive software solution for hydraulic modeling and 3D visualization, offering a range of features to support civil engineers in their water resources projects