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Beyond a Drawing Tool

ChemOffice+ Cloud, is a robust, comprehensive suite, purpose-built to simplify, facilitate, and accelerate chemistry communication. The cloud-native chemistry communication suite builds on the foundations of ChemDraw Professional and adds access to a powerful set of tools to enable scientific research.

The mundane task of creating reports to communicate chemical research has become much more efficient with ChemOffice+ Cloud. With powerful capabilities to search, reuse, select, and organize chemical structures and data, chemists can use ChemOffice+ Cloud to create presentation-ready PowerPoint slides and publication-grade manuscript figures with only a few clicks.

  • Perform quick structure searches across all documents where chemical information is stored
  • Create collections of select chemical structure drawings and their associated properties
  • Draw complex reaction schemes without touching the mouse with Hotkeys & Shortcuts
  • Produce publication-worthy drawings with Atom/Bond/Ring coloring and 3D display capabilities

Transform Chemical Drawings into Chemical Knowledge

ChemOffice+ Cloud is the solution that takes the chemical communication workflow to the next level.

Search inside MS Word

Perform structure searches INSIDE Microsoft Office documents.

Extract CD Word

Quickly re-purpose and re-use existing chemical drawings without opening Office Documents. Build a collection of chemical data with powerful workflow capabilities in ChemOffice+ Cloud

Create PPT Export

Create beautiful PowerPoint slides in a few clicks from a ChemOffice+ Collection.