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Chemdraw Professional 1 Year


ChemDraw Professional is a software tool used by chemists and researchers for drawing chemical structures, reactions, and diagrams. It is widely used in academia, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries for creating publication-ready graphics and analyzing chemical data.

A 1-year subscription to ChemDraw Professional typically provides access to the software for a period of one year, along with updates and support during that time. Users can create complex chemical structures, predict properties of compounds, and collaborate with other researchers using the software.

Key features of ChemDraw Professional may include:

Chemical Drawing Tools: Tools for drawing and editing chemical structures, reactions, and diagrams.

Chemical Property Predictions: Predictive tools for calculating chemical properties such as pKa, LogP, and LogS.

Database Searching: Search and retrieve chemical information from databases such as SciFinder and Reaxys.

Chemical Data Analysis: Tools for analyzing and visualizing chemical data, including spectra and chromatograms.

Collaboration and Sharing: Share drawings and data with other researchers and collaborate on projects.

Integration: Integration with other software and databases for seamless workflow.