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– Dear Mappers.
As for today, purchase of cGPSmapper program is no longer possible. If you wish, still you can download the free version of the program. I can sell you program only at individual requests.
After years of playing with GPS maps, and then after period of 5 years slowdown, it’s time to say stop…
I can imagine, that cGPSmapper is no longer top for the format it can handle, there are many other choices – even ones intruduced directly by Garmin..
World is changing, our diuties as well..
Time for the last step – whoever is interested – can buy all the source code, with no limit for use.
Before you decide – think twice – code was written over several years with no intention to make it public, is definitely not easy to understand – as nearly 70% of code was written for analysis purpose of the Garmin format. Only remining 30% is for map creation purpose..
No refund possible for such purchase..
Code is prepared for MS Visual C++ and well adjusted for Intel Compiler, separate make file for gcc under linux is prepared as well.
Along with this purchase I am also delivering registration for the cGPSmapper routable version – just to make easier start, or if for the business safety you do not want to use sources immediately, but rather protect your future.


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