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Canva Enterprise Yearly


Canva Enterprise is a premium version of Canva, a popular online graphic design platform. Canva Enterprise offers additional features and capabilities tailored for businesses and organizations.

Key features of Canva Enterprise may include:

Brand Kit: Create and store your brand’s colors, fonts, and logos for easy access and consistency in your designs.

Team Collaboration: Collaborate with team members in real-time, share designs, and provide feedback within the platform.

Custom Templates: Create custom templates for your team to use, ensuring brand consistency across all designs.

Advanced Design Tools: Access to additional design tools and features beyond the standard Canva offering.

Priority Support: Receive priority support from Canva’s customer service team.

Unlimited Storage: Store an unlimited number of designs and assets in your Canva account.

Single Sign-On (SSO): Use your organization’s SSO provider for seamless and secure access to Canva