Product Details

Callbox Pipeline is a multi-channel CRM and marketing automation platform with lead management features, real-time data and reporting that powers outsourced lead generation programs through its multi-channel marketing capabilities.


Callbox Pipeline Feature

  • Interaction tracking
  • Customer support
  • List management
  • Marketing automation
  • List Architect tool
  • DataMiner tool
  • SMART Calling Engine
  • Emailer Suite
  • Lead nurturing
  • Social media integration
  • Appointment alerts
  • Text alerts and reminders
  • Branding with remarketing
  • Contact Info and history
  • Lead generation and follow-up
  • Lead scoring
  • Real-time notifications
  • Appointment scheduling app
  • Event calendar
  • Appointment dossier
  • Activity status reports
  • List editor
  • Detailed lead nurture reports
  • Progress tracking
  • Live touchpoints
  • Export
  • Mobile streams
  • Campaign weekly updates
  • Multi-channel marketing capabilities
  • Sales pipeline management


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