Business Process Monitoring


Business Process Monitoring

Business Process Monitoring

Application monitoring software that proactively and consistently monitors business processes to identify performance issues before they affect users.

Visibility into the user experience

Gain visibility into application performance trends and baselines. BPM provides consistent, predictable measurements that help you associate the business impact with its root cause and review affected service level agreements.

Active monitoring

Get proactive measurements of the user experience for all types of applications, including enterprise, hybrid, cloud, and mobile.

Detect problems earlier

Identify problems before users do. BPM proactively identifies problems even when systems are idle and application administrators are not performing health checks.

Identify problems faster

Pinpoint and resolve problems more quickly. BPM isolates application problems by location, application, transaction (for example, login or check balance), cloud service provider, and other factors.

Flexible deployment options

Manage application performance through deployment on-premise or as a managed SaaS service.

Integrated for enhanced collaboration

Isolate root causes and remedy issues quickly. Powerful integration with Micro Focus Diagnostics, and the APM foundation enable collaboration between application development and support teams.



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