BricsCAD Mechanical


Mechanical Features

Assemble freely using the power of 3D Direct Modeling. Design parameterizable parts, including sheet metal. Create assemblies using the library of 30,000+ parametric parts. Generate isometric, section, exploded views, and BOMs, all with automated annotation.

What’s new


Curtain walls

Create curtain walls from freeform surfaces.

HVAC modeling

BricsCAD BIM’s profile library contains features like bends, t-connections and flow terminals.

Site modeling tools

Site modeling tools for creating graded terrains.

Quick Draw

Full conceptual design of buildings and rooms by drawing rectangles and L-shapes.


Create rectangular and radial grid with automatic labels.

Propagate (copy detail)

The Propagate tool uses AI to help you automatically replicate details throughout your BIM.

See it in action

Architectural design

Conceptual Design ToolsSmart modeling toolsCurtain wallsCustom windowsCreate rooms

Component libraryCompositions & materials libraryParametric ComponentsBuiling and storey managerPropagate (copy detail)Sections

3D GridClash detectionExternal referencesPoint cloud tools

HVAC modeling

HVAC profile library



Flow terminals

Structural engineering and fabrication

Structural toolset

Profile library


Building data

IFC import and exportAutomatic classifaction (BIMIFY)

Custom PropertiesModel explorer

Project browser

Construction Documents

Generate construction documentsTags

Reflected ceiling plans

Annotation toolsDetail sections

Interior elevationsSchedules

Cloud connection

Built in cloud connection Bricsys 24/7Common data environment

Interactive 3D viewerUnlimited users and roles

Automate repetitive tasks

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