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BowtieXP Advance


BowtieXP Advance is a software tool used for bowtie risk assessment, particularly in the fields of safety, risk management, and process safety. Bowtie analysis is a method used to visualize and assess risk by identifying potential hazards, the threats that could cause them, and the consequences that could result.

Key features of BowtieXP Advance may include:

Bowtie Diagram Creation: Create bowtie diagrams to visualize risk scenarios, including potential hazards, threats, consequences, and control measures.

Risk Assessment: Assess and analyze risks using the bowtie methodology to identify and prioritize risk mitigation measures.

Barrier Management: Manage and monitor barriers (controls) to prevent or mitigate risks and improve safety performance.

Incident Investigation: Use bowtie diagrams to investigate incidents and near misses to understand the causes and prevent recurrence.

Compliance: Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards related to safety and risk management.

Reporting and Documentation: Generate reports and documentation to communicate risk assessments, findings, and recommendations.