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Bitlocker Data Recovery


BitLocker Data Recovery primarily involves retrieving data from encrypted hard drives with Microsoft’s BitLocker technology. This can be due to unauthorized access, wrong operations, accidental formatting, or unexpected glitches. Here are approaches and tools to facilitate data recovery:

  • Stellar Data Recovery Professional software recovers deleted files, missing partitions, and inaccessible data from BitLocker-encrypted storage. It supports all file types.
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free edition can recover files from a formatted BitLocker-encrypted drive.
  • Dislocker (especially the dislocker-metadata program) may help locate multiple copies of essential encryption blocks for recovery.
  • UFS Explorer of the Standard, RAID, or Network RAID editions decrypts existing BitLocker volumes when the password or recovery key is provided. If the volume is lost or formatted, UFS Explorer Professional Recovery can be used to search and decrypt the volume before data extraction.
  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery allows data recovery from BitLocker-encrypted drives if the password or recovery key is known.